Mckinly Vazquez

"I just wouldn't have been able to do this without you! Thanks for being not just my trainer but my friend too:) You are seriously one of the most encouraging people I know."

Taylor Mason

"Can I just start by saying I feel so BLESSED to know Jessica. She is so sweet—it feels nearly impossible to find people like her. When I first started I was nervous and didn’t know anything about lifting—I would do some bodyweight squats at home but truly didn’t know anything for myself. At first, I would see her one time a week and that was the only lifting I did. Jess showed me some things and eventually I pushed myself to go to the gym alone and it was terrifying at first but I left that first time by myself feeling exhilarated! Jess’s training style is so helpful because she is your biggest cheerleader, support and really works with you to crush every single goal and genuinely wants them just the same as you do."

Markelle Claughan

"Over the summer I got the chance to train with Jess and I could not have been happier with the change I saw in my body in even a small amount of time! Im a dancer so health is extremely important in my industry and Jess was able to tailor my diet and exercise to my specific needs. My results didn’t just last for the summer either, with Jess’s guidance and encouragement I was able to create a long term lifestyle that not only keeps me looking amazing but I feel incredible as well. My physical, mental and emotional state were all drastically improved after I started trusting Jess to help me on this journey. I cannot recommend her enough, she truly changed my life!"