Whats included:

  • Customized Workout Program.

    • 5 Day Workout Split​ (programmed based on physique goals)​​

    • Updated Weekly

    • At Home or Gym Based Workouts (programmed based on available equipment)

    • Interactive workout page. Track weight used, reps, and sets.

  • Customized and Calculated Macro/Calorie Protocols.

    • Grocery List​

    • My "Go To" Meals List

  • Cardio Protocols Based On Physique Goals (updated as needed)

  • Weekly Check Ins to Assess Progress.

  • Personalized Tracking Sheet (used during check ins).

  • 24/7 Guidance and Accountability.

  • Access To Facebook Client Group (for extra support)

  • Two Different Payment Plans.

    • Month to Month - $200/Month​ (no contract)

    • 3 Months Paid in Full - $500 (one time payment)

**You will receive an in depth questionnaire within 24 hours of signing up. Once you receive the questionnaire please fill out thoroughly and send back. Give me 24 Horus to put together protocols once I receive questionnaire filled out. Please email jessicahenrytraining@gmail.com with any questions. 


of Program


Easy to Understand and Follow

  • Number of reps and sets are labeled and easy to follow.

  • Video example of exercise added to workout program.

  • Workouts are labeled by muscle group and days.

  • Extra notes are added to the side of exercise.

  • Easy to track weight used for each exercise.

WHY1-on-1 Coaching?

  • All levels are welcome! If you have never picked up a weight in your life or have been lifting for years!! Everything is customized and put together for you, based on where you are currently and where you want to be.

  • Accountability and Structure! Accountability goes a long way. Knowing someone is checking in on you and making sure you keep your word to yourself keeps you on track week after week. Having a plan going into each week adds extra structure that you didn't know you needed. Having a plan and a support system will get you further than you ever thought. Sometimes you just need a cheerleader to keep you going :) 

  • You can train ANYTIME and ANYWHERE! I can train you and coach you from anywhere with an online program! You don't have to be local to start! You are able to workout on your own terms with this program. Whatever your schedule may be, this programs allows the flexibility of workouts. 


Blurred Macro Example.jpg

Weekly Progress Tracker

  • Visually you can see day to day progress. You also can compare week to week.

  • Carb, Fat and Protein Goal is labeled at the beginning of each week. Totals are filled in throughout the week.

  • Weekly charts include columns for macro totals, water intake, cardio minutes completed, fasted weight. 

Macro Goals/Protocols

  • These goals will be added/updated weekly. I use this progress tracker each week during check ins. I make adjustments as necessary. Changes will be shown before a new week if any changes to protocols are necessary. 

  • Seeing your totals for each day gives me the ability to see where strengths and weaknesses are and where we need to make improvements.

  • Cardio will be logged each week. Your cardio protocol is labeled above your cardio program each week.

Fasted Weight

  • Interactive sheet will find your average weight for the entire week after logging fasted weight each morning.

  • Weekly weight averages are important because it is normal for weight to fluctuate up and down daily. Having an average shows me how your body is responding to current protocols. 

  • Weekly averages give me the information I need to know if you are gaining or losing in a healthy sustainable way, or if you are maintain. (based on your overall goal)