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8 week program

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Are You Ready to Gain True Balance and Freedom? 

I help women find lifelong balance in their fitness journey while still eating the donuts and enjoying a social life outside of the gym.

It's time for you to GAIN the confidence you have dreamed of, GAIN real knowledge about nutrition and LEARN how to achieve the body you have always wanted.

Hi, I'm Jessica!

Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to help HUNDREDS of girls gain confidence inside and outside the gym. I help them find BALANCE in their current lifestyle while achieving their dream body.

I spent years feeling BURNT OUT. I was tired of having to choose chicken over pizza. I went from spending hours in the gym, restrictive diets, and feeling left out of social events to enjoying the pizza and donuts, enjoying my workouts, and spending all the time in the world with my friends and family. 

My fitness journey didn't have to suck...

and neither does YOURS!


8 Week Program

You will follow an 8 week workout program. This program contains a 5 day workout split. In addition you will receive 5 HIIT workouts and 5 Ab Workouts to do anywhere anytime.


You will receive 1-on-1 check ins with me. Your check ins include customized macro and calorie goals, support and any adjustments that may be needed throughout the 8 weeks.


You gain access to a private facebook group and group chat. You will connect with other women dedicated to their health and fitness JUST LIKE YOU!

What Are Clients Saying?

Are YOU ready to make these changes and have awesome results?


This is for you if...

You've tried everything and aren't seeing the results you want. 

You are overwhelmed by the amount of information you read online about what foods are "good" or "bad".

You lack consistency in your fitness and nutritional habits.

You don't know where to start but you know you have goals.

You are ready to gain the freedom and confidence you deserve.

Here is how it works...


You must apply to the program before you do anything else. I will review your application and once accepted you will receive an email from me explaining how to sign up and what the next steps will be. 

BEFORE YOU START: Getting Prepared

Prior to start date... you will receive your 8 week workout program, a welcome letter, an interactive sheet to track your progress during the next 8 weeks, a grocery list and "go to" meals list. At this time you will all receive access to private facebook group and group chat. This is also when you will do your first check in with me. The welcome email and letter will have an attached questionnaire that you will send back to me. This is when you will ask any questions that you have prior to starting. Once I receive the questionnaire, I will set you up with customized nutritional goals (either macros or a calorie goal).

DURING THE 8 WEEKS: Check Ins & Protocol Updates

Along with your protocols you will receive a scheduled check in calendar and an attached questionnaire check in sheet you will send every check in. You will check in with me on your assigned day for the next 8 weeks. During these check ins we will evaluate where you are and I will make any adjustments needed. We will talk about your struggles and accomplishments. For the next 8 weeks I will work closely with you on helping you set sustainable goals and guide you to find the balance and achieve the results you are looking for. 


Have the knowledge you need to continue your fitness journey on your own. You will feel freedom from food and finally be able to enjoy all the foods you love while meeting your goals. You will feel confident in your own body. You will see and feel the results you have been wanting, and be able to maintain it after this program ends. 


Make the commitment to yourself and change your life forever.

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